Ladies PG Hostel

Terms & Conditions

  • The joining date will be taken in to the account for the calculation of 30days a month. (Rent is prepaid system and Electricity, Water Charges are postpaid).
  • Resident should pay Rs.3,000/-as advance and one month rent (Rs.1,000/- will be deducted as maintenance while vacating and remaining Rs.2,000/- refundable), at the time of joining.
  • Hostel fees will be collected by the way of Online Payments Only.
  • Hostel fees to be paid with in 5days from your joining date of every month. A fine of Rs.50 per day will be collected from those who do not remit the fees by the Approved date of each month. Residents will get official receipts via Email and Mobile Application for all payments made by them.
  • Hostel authorities have no responsibility on residents valuable things such as Money, Ornaments, Clothes, Mobile Phones, Debit, Credit Card etc.,
  • You are charged with daily or monthly rent whichever is lower.Evenif you want to vacate immediate, a week later or any time after joining (The days stayed after a calendar month).
  • The resident should inform the management about their vacate 30days before. If wish to extend the stay they have to inform before one week (even you wish to stay as guest also).
  • Residents who are all going out for holidays, should intimate to the administration or record the date, time, purpose etc., to the Hostel from your Mobile Application under “Outpasses”. Everybody should co-operate in saving Electricity,Water& Food.
  • Everyone should keep their respective Rooms & Common spaces, neat and clean. Solid items such as sanitary pads should be thrown in to the special bin. Waste must be deposited in the Dustin bins provided and special fine will be imposed if the instruction is not followed.
  • Hostel authorities have full rights to ask the residents to change to another room if any need arises.
  • Water Heater should not be brought inside the hostel. If found such electronics will be seized and will not be returned at any cost.
  • Hostel authorities have full rights to enter the room in resident absence using the master key for any emergency work or inspection of room.
  • not argue with cooking staff regarding preparation and taste of food. In case of complaints and suggestions intimate to the Hostel Administration by the way of reporting in Mobile Application. Residents should not give any cash or kind to kitchen staff, warden and cleaning staff as tip. On account of Festive days like Pongal (Sankranthi), Diwali etc., the Cooking, Cleaning & Maintenance staffs may not be available and the occupants should arrange the food for themselves on those days.
    • Pongal (Sankrathi) - 3-4 Days
    • Diwali - 1 Day
    • Ayudhapooja - 1 Day
  • Resident who is leaving out of station must surrender the room key in the reception and collect the same after returning to the Hostel. Additional charges Rs.300/- will be levied for loss of key.
  • Hostel property should not be damaged and in case of any damage, appropriate fine will be imposed on.
  • If any of occupants face any problem or misbehavior from any other occupant, complaint should be made to the administrationfrom your Mobile Application under “Complaints”, So that the suitable action can be taken.Your Complaints / Problems are resolved within 24hrs.You can escalate the issue to +91 9944666667 if not resolved with in 24Hrs.
  • Residents should inform to the Reception / Administration if there is any change of Permanent Address, Phone Number & Office Address.
  • Don’t waste Food, Save water & Power (Please close the water tap & switch off lights, fan after using)
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